With our standard delivery, a team of two delivery personnel using an Appliance Dolly, will move your old appliance or television (similar to those purchased – one for one within premises), take the new merchandise out of the box for you, remove all packaging & tape residue, set it in place, assemble all components, level and plug it in, and test it for proper operation. We take the cartons and packaging with us when we’re done.

Electric Washers/Dryers – All washers and steam dryers will be connected to your existing plumbing taps (Washers may require new hoses; Our delivery personnel will have some in the truck for purchase if required); and connection of dryers to your existing venting provided that there is no modification required to any plumbing or venting in your home, we can change the door swing if required on the washer or dryer (please note this ahead of time, as we need to allocate extra time). If a stackable unit (with required stacking kit) is purchased, we will stack and put in place the washer/dryer. If new pedestals are purchased, these will be installed to your new washer/dryer during delivery at no extra charge.

Refrigerator – All single door refrigerators come with a right-hand swing door. Door swing reversal can be done upon request for no additional charge when the refrigerator is delivered to your home (if the refrigerator model is capable of door swing reversal), if noted on delivery contract. This does require extra time to complete, if it is not noted ahead, we may have to return at a different time/day to complete (travel fees may apply for out of town locations).

Televisions – will be placed in the location of your choice, plugged in, connected to existing components using existing wires and connectors & tested.


Our Standard Delivery Does NOT Include:

-Connection or disconnection of gas appliances, Gas Conversions to Propane, or refrigerator water lines. All gas connections and Conversions should be done by a qualified, licensed contractor according to local gas codes.

– Disconnection / Reconnection or direct wired/built-in appliances such as: dishwashers, icemakers, OTR or built-in microwaves, stove tops, wall ovens, or hood fans.

-Installation of electronic sound systems, TV wall installations, or the supply of any materials for an installation.

-Removal/Disposal of your old products from your premise. This can be done upon request for a $25 fee.

-Delivery of your old products to another off-site location. This can be done for a small fee upon request.

 Additional manpower for delivery’s that are not standard. This includes lifting items over obstacles in the home such as Railings, Sinks, Decks, etc. The Delivery team consists of two members and a dolly. Heavy lifting of items over other items more than 10” off the ground is not included in the standard Delivery service offered. Appliance Carts are used to move items from the truck to its final location in the home. If a cart cannot be used to move appliances through the home, please let us know ahead of time so we can make appropriate accommodations.

When unusual or difficult delivery conditions are encountered, the customer will be advised in advance of the risk of damage occurring. The customer then has the option of proceeding with the delivery or returning the item. A restocking fee may apply if unwrapped appliances or electronics do not fit through the doorway or in the space intended. Please measure the units and your premises (any doorways, hallways, etc. that the appliance will need to pass through) prior to delivery. We can provide exact dimensions for appliances on request.

 There must be someone present to receive the delivery (or accommodations made if there will not be someone present). An additional delivery fee may apply if we must return at a later date/time to complete the delivery.

Please ask your salesperson about a recommended contractor to provide any of the installation services above.


Cancellations, and Returns: You may cancel your order of in stock items at any point before your delivery. Please call to discuss any cancellations of special-order items. Our goal is to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with their products, as well as our service. We ask that customers please verify all features (size, color, functions, etc.) of the products they are ordering before delivery and inspect their items on delivery. We cannot accept returns of any used appliances.

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